Campus School or Online School: Which is a Better Fit for You? Part 1

University HallAs a student, you are committed to improving yourself through educational achievement and leaving the world, at least, a little better than you found it. But whether you succeed is largely determined by your ability to fulfill your personal requirements for success. Schooling may be a heavy financial commitment, but the beauty of today’s educational landscape is that it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on what matters most to you as an individual as well as your personal priorities and goals in the short and long-term. You can increase the likelihood of affordable education tuition rates by pursuing your degree online, as some online degree programs are less expensive than on-campus degree rates. In this sense, the cost-savings of gas dollars, babysitter fees, and time spent traveling to and from campus may be that extra financial bonus that actually makes attending an online school and earning an online degree in your field a no-brainer.

Moreover, the prospect of an online degree has widened the line between opportunity cost of career advancement and the added financial expense incurred from a first or second degree. Perhaps the convenience and flexibility that an online school offers is the major selling point for you. If you’re someone who is already juggling “multiple balls in the air,” with family and full-time or part-time work responsibilities, then the benefits of a more affordable online school are further amplified by your ability to make your own schedule. If the flexible nature of online schools is one that works for you and your family, it can significantly foster an enjoyable learning experience. Remember, balancing career and family obligations is an increasingly common task in our modern world and competitive workforce, and the ability to sit down and successfully complete your education when you’re ready and at your own pace comes with the territory of smooth and accessible career evolution.

Specifically, some online schools offer you’re the chance to finish a course online in as quickly as one week. Talk about shifting your education into high-gear! Additionally, online schools may offer classroom settings that are extremely culturally diverse, since there are no geographical boundaries to classrooms online. Think about it…If you never had the chance to practice your beginner or advanced Italian language skills at a study abroad program in Florence, this is your chance to meet and interact with students and faculty members around the world for a truly culturally relevant educational experience.

These advantages are great and may surely tip your scale in favor of online schools; however, although online schools may give you the particular benefits you’re looking for, it is important to weigh the cons against them and align both to your unique personal needs. After all, education is as much about knowing yourself as it is about understanding others and the world around you. So, on that note, what are the cons of an online school? First off, the increased exposure to technology in an online school setting which help advance your career through improved computer software skills can be turned on its head: any type of technical issues associated with computer failure or lack of internet connection can threaten to interfere with your on-time completion of coursework. Speaking of which, time management is key in completing homework assignments promptly while successfully managing work obligations. Nonetheless, it’s a balancing act like anything else – if you balance it, it will come. Deadlines and discipline are a part of every professional environment, and there are many techniques and tips out there to help you get organized and stay on track if an online school is the right option for you!

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