Choosing a Major in College

Deciding on the major for your college degree is an important decision that has repercussions for the rest of your life. Your prospective college major will, of course, have a direct bearing on your career choices after graduation and may even be a factor in deciding what university you attend. It’s okay to enter college with an undecided major and just take core classes until you “figure it out,” but it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’d like to study and research the steps it takes to obtain a bachelor degree and even master degree for your chosen profession.

Potential job opportunities once you graduate can be an important factor in picking your college major.
Many students pick jobs that they hear or feel are “hot” and in demand such as teaching and high-tech. Picking your major based on employability does increase your chances of getting a job, however, it isn’t a good strategy if you don’t have a passion for the field. For example, if you hear there is a nursing shortage and obtain an R.N. college degree, you may easily find a job at first. But if the demands of the job don’t fit with your personality, you may be stuck in a profession that you dislike for the bulk of your working life.

On the other hand, you can pick a college major based on a passion. You are much more likely to succeed in school and advance in a profession if you really enjoy what you are doing. Reports on employment trends and the hints from your mother are not going to help you find your true calling, you need to self-asses to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. If you have a strong interest in a field of study, it may already be obvious. History buffs can make great teachers, folks who like to build stuff can be engineers, and those good with money may find accounting satisfying. Do you like to work with people, or independently – this is another factor you’ll want to consider before picking a college major. There’s nothing worse than a people person being stuck in a cubicle alone all day analyzing data – but other types of people would love this!

There is always the option of getting a college degree in a practical field with plenty of job opportunities and getting a major in something more esoteric that you love, or vice-versa. With this double major strategy, you’ll have plenty of options open. In the end, if you follow your passions and choose a job that really speaks to your personality and interests, you’ll end up being more satisfied in life.