Sketch Out a Great Career with Art and Design Degrees

With a degree in art or design, the creative type person can turn a lifelong passion for drawing, painting or computer animation into a profitable career. There are many online and traditional colleges, universities and independent art schools that offer a variety of degrees that can help a job-seeker stand out from the crowd of applicants with no formal training. While art and design are themselves subjective matters, earning a degree in one of these fields is not – there are specific courses of study that must be completed in order to be awarded a college degree.

The paths of study for those interested in art and design are nearly as varied as the kaleidoscope of the arts themselves. For those interested in a traditional degree program, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in fine arts may be earned at nearly every academic institution around the country. The number of specialties within the bachelor’s degree is far-reaching and includes a range of disciplines including sculpture, textiles, visual arts, illustration, creative writing, dance and many other fields. Depending on the amount of studio work the specific BA in Fine Arts requires, it could take extra time to finish the degree. After the BA, some students go on to earn a Master of Arts (MA) in Fine Arts and even a Ph.d. if they hope to teach art in higher education.

For those interested in a more practical application of talent, a diploma from a community college or art school can provide many exciting job opportunities in the media, business and design world. Courses of study can include animation, computer aided drafting, fashion design, film and video production, graphic design, interior design, media arts, photography, video game design, visual communication, web design and others. Typically these degrees and certificates take about two years to earn, may be completed both on and off-site, and offer quick entry into the vocation of art and design upon graduation. Television stations, advertising agencies, web site design firms and even Fortune 500 businesses all have a need for qualified designers and artists to develop creative content that communicates the corporate message.