Tips for Succeeding at Online College Courses

Today, more and more college coursework is being taught online, a perfect option for students who need more flexibility in their schedules. Traditional “in-person” college classes may not work for those with long commutes or demanding work schedules. Online college courses can be strictly taken on the Internet or in combination with an occasional meeting (often called ‘hybrid’ classes) are becoming more and more popular with busy students. Some accredited universities don’t even have a bricks-and-mortar facility, making all of their college degree options available to the student at home. While this may mean no more early-morning alarm clocks and lecture hall captivity, it doesn’t mean that the subject matter at hand can be taken lightly. In order to succeed in online courses or online college degree program, you need to remain focused on the goal – learning the material in a timely manner and earning the credit!

Set a schedule.  Pencil in official time on your calendar to tackle your classwork, this routine will keep you from procrastinating or slacking off. You have the option to spread out the work over the week, or hunker down and complete it all in one day. Of course, if your work schedule gets changed or something important comes up, you have the flexibility to reorganize your schedule, that’s the beauty of an online university.

Log-in daily. Don’t get so busy with life that you forget to check into your class every day. Even if you think you have completed the assignments for the week, make sure to check the forum or online blackboard at least once every 24-hours to make sure that a new announcement or task hasn’t been posted.

Connect with your instructor. Don’t become an “out of sight, out of mind” statistic. Even though you are taking part in distance learning for your online courses, doesn’t mean the teacher can be tuned out or avoided. Make an introduction very early in the class and then continue to touch base every so often for answers to questions and just to say that you are enjoying the material. This gesture of communication will show that you are a serious and contentious student and help your instructors associate a personality with all the paperwork from your online college courses.