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About Us

College Degree Connect strives to connect prospective students with online colleges and on-site campus universities. The college planning and college admission process can be complicated, especially with the large number of traditional and online college degree programs being offered today. Take the first step in reaching your goals in higher education by finding the best colleges for you through our database of online colleges and campus colleges. In no time, you’ll have a short list of prospective schools that offer an Associate degree, Bachelor degree, Master degree and beyond in the area of study that interests you most. Start working toward the career and life changes of your dreams, don’t wait any longer to start planning for college.

College Degree Connect values your privacy. We wouldn't want our personal information spread around the Internet either. That is why we've drafted this long legal document to protect us both. Take a look at if you like; it’s a standard privacy policy that outlines how we will treat the information you provide to us. We're legit, you can ask around. We just want to help with college planning by connecting you with online colleges, online universities and campus schools interested in your status as a prospective student.