Campus School or Online School: Which is a Better Fit for You? Part 2

LET’S GET CRACKING on the costs and benefits of on-campus education. After all, we are out to get the full picture and in order to learn what we want, we need to put our biases aside…for now. Traditional campus schools may provide that personal touch to education through live interactions with students and faculty. If […]

Campus School or Online School: Which is a Better Fit for You? Part 1

As a student, you are committed to improving yourself through educational achievement and leaving the world, at least, a little better than you found it. But whether you succeed is largely determined by your ability to fulfill your personal requirements for success. Schooling may be a heavy financial commitment, but the beauty of today’s educational […]

Boost Your Bottom Line with an Accounting Degree

Often referred to as ‘bean counters’ in jest, the profession of accounting is actually serious business for the career-minded individual. Accounting has long been a respected job and one that continues to grow exponentially to meet the needs of the market. According to the Department of Labor Statistics in 2008 there were more than 1.75 […]

Sketch Out a Great Career with Art and Design Degrees

With a degree in art or design, the creative type person can turn a lifelong passion for drawing, painting or computer animation into a profitable career. There are many online and traditional colleges, universities and independent art schools that offer a variety of degrees that can help a job-seeker stand out from the crowd of […]

Options in Nursing Degrees

Obtaining a nursing degree is a wise choice for people with an interest in the medical sciences, a people-oriented personality and the desire for a career with healthy growth potential in the future.   According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 2.5 million nurses of varying credentials in the U.S. and that […]

Four Financial Tips for College Students

Getting to college and burning through a budget with reckless spending is always a tough lesson to learn, especially on top of the significant expense of obtaining a higher education. But, with a little self-discipline and work-ethic, any student can live frugally and still have fun – and maybe even build a little nest egg. […]

Tips for Succeeding at Online College Courses

Today, more and more college coursework is being taught online, a perfect option for students who need more flexibility in their schedules. Traditional “in-person” college classes may not work for those with long commutes or demanding work schedules. Online college courses can be strictly taken on the Internet or in combination with an occasional meeting […]

Choosing a Major in College

Deciding on the major for your college degree is an important decision that has repercussions for the rest of your life. Your prospective college major will, of course, have a direct bearing on your career choices after graduation and may even be a factor in deciding what university you attend. It’s okay to enter college […]

Housing Options for College Students

College students spend many hours away from their living quarters between attending classes, studying in the library, and engaging in the wide array of social opportunities. But when it’s time to wrap up full days (and nights), there is no place like retreating to the sanctuary of comfortable living quarters.  Some students are spending even […]

How To Choose the Perfect College

Choosing where to pursue a higher education can be a stressful decision riddled with many influencing factors. Tuition and board expenses, geographic location and available degree plans along with student life should all be evaluated when looking for the best fitting college for your personality and pocket book. Following are some steps to help you […]